Mr. Ejaz Ahmad is a seasoned chartered accountant with a rich professional background spanning 17 years. His extensive expertise encompasses Audit, Accounting, Finance, and Corporate Taxation. Currently holding the position of Lahore office head at Moore Shekha Mufti, he diligently oversees a diverse clientele, providing a comprehensive suite of services such as advisory, compliance, litigation, and restructuring.

His proficiency extends to both direct and indirect tax laws, along with a deep understanding of international taxation. In addition to his pivotal role in tax compliance and advisory services, Mr. Ejaz actively engages in crafting tailored training workshops for clients.

He holds memberships in the Lahore Tax Bar Association and the Karachi Tax Bar Association, and he is a part of MOORE International’s MEA VAT group. Actively participating in the Tax Laws Committee of the Karachi Tax Bar Associations further showcases his commitment to the field.

Furthermore, Mr. Ejaz contributes his expertise as a course facilitator for the Center for Executive Education at IBA, Karachi, specifically for the Diploma in Taxation program. He also takes the lead as a trainer for Indirect Taxes in the “Tax Master Class” offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. Widely recognized for his knowledge and experience, Mr. Ejaz has delivered insightful presentations on tax laws at numerous seminars and workshops organized by professional bodies.