We offer wide range of advisory, compliance and legal services in respect of the following laws:

  • Income Tax Ordinance 2001
  • Income Tax Rules 2002

Ambit of direct Tax Services

  • Income Tax Advisory
  • Preparation and review of Income Tax Challans of salaries and other than salaries
  • Preparation and filing of Annual Withholding Statement of salaries
  • Preparation and filing of Bi-Annually Withholding Statement of other than salaries
  • Calculation and filing of Quarterly Advance Tax liability
  • Preparation and filing of Annual Tax Return
  • Preparation and filing of Wealth Statement
  • Monitoring of Withholding Taxes
  • Income Tax Audit & Assessment
  • Income Tax Appeals
  • Income Tax Exemptions on local payments and import
  • Income Tax Exemptions on payment to Non-Resident
  • Income Tax Refunds
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution of Tax Disputes
  • Representation before FBR for rulings / clarifications
  • Handling FBR Maladministration before Tax ombudsman’s office
  • Formation of Provident and Gratuity funds
  • Compliance of Stamp duty payments
  • Compliance of Professional tax payments
  • Compliance of EOBI, SESSI & PESSI payments
  • Training and knowledge sharing for clients
  • Advisory services on;

    • EOBI
    • SESSI
    • PESSI
    • Professional tax
    • Stamp duty
    • Gratuity fund
    • Provident fund

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